About me

I am Tobi, 31 and based at Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria. My main job is it to be an engineer, but whithin my freetime I spent as much as possible outdoors. Nature recharges my emotional, physical and spiritual batteries. Nature provides a sense of calm and peacefulness. Something comes alive within me. In these moments, I become aware and receive a fresh perspective to whatever is going on in my life.
My heart belongs to the mountains and the great outdoors, where I find joy in discovering uncharted territories and mingling with like-minded adventurers. For me, traveling is not just about escaping the mundane routine of everyday life, it's about expanding my own limits and exploring the endless possibilities that exist in this world. It's about creating meaningful moments and discovering new perspectives that allow me to grow as a person. Whether I'm hiking in the mountains, exploring the vastness of nature, or immersing myself in a new culture, every journey brings its own unique experiences and opportunities for personal development.
Come with me, I want you to be part of my journey and show you my favourite places.
Thank you!
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